We have loaded the relevant forms onto here in PDF form so you can print them off and fill them in before you come to the club.

Parent Pack

Please feel free to print off our parent pack to have a read through

Jozone Parent Pack

Registration Forms

Please fill this form in in order to enrol your children into the club.

Term-time Registration Form please also print off the term-time parent contract for your setting.

Holiday Club Registration Form

Term-time Parent Contracts

Please print off and sign the appropriate form and return to the club with the registration form, Thank you


Out of School Care Contract CM

St Josephs, St Thomas More and Gentleshaw

Out of School Care Contract SJ STM and GS

St Thomas More Monthly Booking Form

If your child attends the before and after school club at St Thomas More on an as and when basis please could you print off and fill in this form so that we can book your child in for the sessions you require on a monthly basis.

Thank you.

monthly booking form

Permission letters

Please could you also read and sign the following:

parental permissions

Holiday Booking Forms

Please choose the relevant form for the holiday you wish to book in for.

Please could you also print out, read and sign the holiday club terms and conditions.

Holiday Booking Form Terms

Remember we do not open for Christmas holidays or the first 2 weeks of the summer holidays.

We also close for bank holidays.

October Half Term- Monday 29th October- Friday 2nd November 2018

October holiday booking form

February Half Term-Monday 19th February-Friday 23rd  February 2018


Easter-Tuesday 3rd April-Friday 13th April 2018

Easter holiday booking form – please note GS are back at school on the Thursday and Friday of the 2nd week.

May/June Half Term- Tuesday 29th May- Friday 1st June 2018

May holiday booking form

Summer Holidays-Monday 6th August- Friday 31st August 2018

summer holiday booking form

M.A.D Nomination Form

If you would like to nominate a member of staff for our employee of the term you can download a form here and either email it back to us or take into the club. M.A.D Nomination form

Before and After School Booking Terms and Conditions

You will not be guaranteed a space if you don’t have permanent days booked.

We require two weeks’ notice to alter or cancel your child’s place at Jozone

You will need to understand that the club has Policies and Procedures and that there are expectations and obligations relating to both the club and yourselves and your child and you should agree to abide by them.

You need to understand that the Out of School Club is a play care facility and that whilst your child is there Jozone Kids Club Ltd is legally responsible for him/her.

Once your child is delivered to Jozone Kids Club he/she will be in care of Jozone Kids Club until collected and signed out by a ‘Named’ responsible adult.

You will need to inform the club manager/deputy if you are collecting your child from school or they have not attended school on the day that he/she is booked in to the club.

Jozone kids club does not open until 7.30am and cannot accept children before this time.

Jozone Kids Club closes at 6.00pm and If for any unforeseen circumstances you are going to be late, you will need to contact the manager to let them know.

If any child remains at 6.30pm, after doing everything Possible to contact parents and emergency contacts, then Jozone Kids Club will be legally required To contact the First Response Team (Social Service) Whilst we try to ensure that the safety and security of items, we cannot be held responsible for anything lost or stolen.

Any information and details regarding your child will be treated as confidential. However, there may be times, for example in cases of child protection concerns, when details of your child may be passed on to other agencies. For example police, social care and healthcare professionals.

Holiday Club Booking Terms and Conditions

You will need to give two days’ notice to alter or cancel a place at the holiday club.

You will not be guaranteed a space if you don’t have permanent days booked.