Jozone Kids Club is a privately run organisation, separate from the school.  The club is open to every child at Gentleshaw  Primary School aged 3-11 years and is based in the school hall, please access via the door with the steps at the front of the school.

If you are interested in using the club please feel free to call into the club during opening hours where staff will give you further information.

At Jozone we encourage parents to visit the club with their children to allow the child to familiarise themselves with the routine of the club and the staff. The staff will talk through the arrival and departure procedures and any questions will also be answered during this visit.

The children have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities including;

Cooking, Arts and Crafts, Sewing , Board games, Lego & k’nex, Computer games, wii , TV, Books, Circle time games, Outside play, Adventure Playground, Team games.

On arrival at the club all children are required to find their name card and place on the  board in order to self-register. Formal registration also takes place daily.  Reception children are escorted to the club by their teacher / teaching assistant.

A variety of healthy snacks and drinks are available to all children. Breakfast in the morning is available at a small extra cost.

Children are encouraged to choose their own activities.  The club is a lively and happy place where children can unwind after school.  A quiet area is also provided for children who want it.

Welcome Booklet

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