Times and Prices

Times and Prices

Wednesday Trip Day: £34.00

Trip Day Deposit to secure the space: £13.00 (non-refundable)

Additional Fees

Late collection fees (after 6pm) per full or part of 10 minutes: £3.00 per child

University Forms: £7.50

Tax Credit Statements (Free if E-Mailed): £10.00

Bounced Cheques: £10.00

Late Payment after 2 weeks: £5.00

Late payment after 3 weeks: A further £5.00

Terms and Conditions of Fees

A £20 deposit will be needed to secure your child’s place.

The holiday invoice will need to be paid before the end of the holiday period. Failure to do so may result in your child’s place being suspended, until payment has been received, and will incur a £5 late payment fee.

There will be a charge of £10 for any returned cheques to cover bank charges.

Jozone will also give two days’ notice to terminate this contract unless the safety and/or welfare of the children or staff are not guaranteed whereupon the contract will terminate immediately.

If you collect your child later than the agreed time you will be charged £2.50 for each full 10 minutes that you are late.

If you fail to let us know that your child is not coming and you have booked a place you will still be charged.

You need to be aware that every Wednesday of the holidays is trip day and a 12.50 deposit is required to book a space on the trip.