St Josephs

St Joseph’s

 Jozone Kids Club at St Joseph’s is a privately run organisation, separate from the school.  The club is open to every child at St Joseph’s & St Theresa’s Nursery and Primary School aged 3-11 years and is based in the school hall, please access via the fire door at the back of the hall.

Our club is Ofsted registered and we maintain at least a 1:8 ratio for EYFS children (5 years and under.) and for Year 1 and above a 1:30 ratio (legal requirement). However, Jozone aim to operate on a 1:10 ratio at all times. 

Jozone aim to provide a flexible, varied and exciting programme of activities for your children to enjoy in safe and friendly surroundings.

We work in partnership with both the School and Parents/Carers and welcome any feedback and suggestions for the club.