Policies and Procedures

New privacy policies

In accordance with the new GDPR that comes into effect on 25th May 2018 we have a couple of new policies in regards to how we collect and use any information you give to us about your children and how we protect you when you use our website.

please click on the links below to view the policies.

Privacy Notice – How we use children’s information

Website privacy notice 2018

Administering Medication

Click on the link to see policy: administering-medication

  • We will administer medication to a child providing the child’s parent has completed a medical consent form.
  • Parents should let us know the correct dosages and how much has already been given that day.
  • Medication can only be given if it is stored in their original container and clearly labelled.
  • Prescribed medication will only be administered if it is prescribed for that child.
  • Parents must sign the medication form to acknowledge the entry and when medication has been given.
  • There needs to be a care plan in place on assisting children with long term or complex medical needs.
  • All medication is kept out of children reach.
  • Staff will always follow the instruction on any medication.
  • If the administration of prescription medicines requires technical/medical knowledge then individual training will have to be provided for staff from a qualified health professional. Training should be specific to the individual child concerned and must be arranged by the parent through the child’s surgery (as training sought by Jozone direct may incur a charge)
  • If child can administer medicines or inhalers themselves there must be a care plan in place. Children must hand medication to a member of staff on entry.
  • Staff will always record the administering of medication.
  • Medication will be handed back at the end of the session to the parent unless the medication has been provided solely for the club, i.e. inhalers or epipens.
  • Upon registering with us we will ask parents about any medicines that their child needs to take, they must provide details of any changes to the prescription or the support required.
  • Only qualified first aiders are to administer medication.
  • Any administering medication records must be kept for 2 years.

Circumstances which children may take non-prescription Medication

  • Non-prescription medication e.g. pain and fever relief or teething gel may be administered, but only with the prior written consent of the parent and only when there is a health reason to do so. A child under 16 should never be given medicines containing aspirin unless it has been prescribed for that child by a doctor.

Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedure

Click on the link to see policy on: child-protection

No Smoking Policy

Jozone Kids Club operates a strict No Smoking Policy throughout the premises at all of our clubs.

Sick Child Policy

Jozone kids club strive to stay as infection-free as possible and so we ask for parents co-operation when their child is taken ill with vomiting or diarrhoea that they do not bring their child to Jozone for 48 hrs after the last incidence of either.

We also ask parents to report to us any instances of childhood diseases such as measles, mumps and chicken pox. children must be kept off during the infectious period, which you can find out from your GP or club manager, if they have any of these.

If your child become ill during their time at Jozone we will look after them in a quiet place and contact a parent/carer or emergency contact person to explain the situation and ask for the child to be collected as soon as possible from the club to ensure the illness does not spread throughout the club.

Click on the link to see policy sick-children

Equal Opportunities and Inclusion Policy

Jozone do not exclude children from any of our clubs on the grounds of class, disability, race, gender, religion or belief. all children are respected and their individuality and potential are recognised and valued. we also promote equal opportunities within each of our clubs by displaying resources and providing activities for the children in order for them to acknowledge and value the differences and similarities between themselves and other people.


Jozone keeps to a confidential complaints policy. if you have a complaint please feel free to speak to a member of staff, we will strive to deal with the complaint as quickly and efficiently as possible. a record of the complaint and the action taken to resolve the issue will be made.

If after this you feel the complaint has not been dealt with sufficiently there is a procedure laid out by OFSTED. You can find their contact address and number above in the safeguarding children policy and procedure section of this page.


Uncollected Child Policy

Jozone are responsible for the children in their care from the moment the child arrives at the club until they are either taken to their class/teacher before school or until they are collected by their parent/carer or designated person at the end of their after school club session.

if a child is not collected from the after school club by closing time the manager will use the information on the registration form to find out the situation i.e. whether the person collecting is stuck in traffic/ an emergency has taken place. If none of the people on the registration form can be contacted after a duration of 1 hour then the only solution may be to contact the local social services.


Missing Children

At Jozone we do regular checks on the number of children we have to ensure that all the children are still at the club. if we find that we have a child missing we will check with all staff to see if the child has been collected from the club and just not signed out. If it is discovered that the child has not gone home then a thorough search of the building and grounds will take place, parents/carers will also be contacted and the police will be informed of a missing child.


Behaviour Policy

At Jozone we encourage positive behaviour within all our clubs by setting clear boundaries, praising positive behaviour and by being good role models. We strive to resolve any negative behaviour quickly by use of distracting the child from the situation, speaking to the child about their behaviour, removing them from the situation or giving the child time out from the situation to think about their behaviour. All staff will endeavour to keep a calm but firm voice when speaking to the child. Staff will also speak to parents at the end of the session about any negative behaviours their child has displayed.

We also reserve the right to ask parents to remove their child from the club if the child is consistently disruptive during their time at the club.

Click on the link to see the policies:behaviour-management aggressive-behaviour-policy